I Actually LIKE Someone… But, He’s At Church :'(

Dear New Online Diary,

I know this might be weird to know but, you’re not my first online diary. Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Can we get back to me now? Thanks! So, at church today, there was this guy who looked a lot like Daniel Radcliffe! So, if you didn’t know this I love Daniel Radcliffe he’s super cute, in the manner of liking someone I 1) didn’t talk to him and 2) spent some time looking at him from across the room. I hate talking to people I 1) like and 2) don’t know. And, yes, I know it’s weird to like someone that I saw and didn’t talk too so I don’t know him, but he was super cute and look sooo much like Daniel Radcliffe! I was weird but… but… I don’t know what the “but” is but, he was cute okay! And, I didn’t even know him, and I have just finished smoking him in Carpet Ball! I mean, I was contemplating whether or not if I should go up to him and say, “Hey, nice game! Also, has anyone ever told you that you look like Daniel Radcliffe? The guy who played Harry Potter in, well, every single Harry Potter movie that there was? Also, you’re cute!” Like, I can’t say that to someone as a first impression! That’s just weird! And what if he thought that I was weird and that I liked everyone that I thought looked like Daniel Radcliffe! There are certain requirements for me to like someone! So, yeah. Guys, tell me what to do. PLEASE!!!!! I’m really scared that he doesn’t like me back… He probably doesn’t. I’m NOT going to give you a pic of me so that you can see me and tell me if I look pretty or not! So, just tell me what to do!


Me, Alissa! <3

3 thoughts on “I Actually LIKE Someone… But, He’s At Church :'(”

  1. Hey guys. Please tell me what to do!
    How should I talk to him?
    What if he isn’t at church next Sunday?
    WHAT DO I DO!!??

  2. Hi, Alyssa! I think approaching him with a neutral comment like you mentioned: That was a good game. Then let him say something. Ask him what other games he likes. Keep it very shallow so you don’t reveal too much of your feelings at first conversation. Later on you can tell him everything you want to, if he responds well. Good luck, sweetheart. I hope it works out to be at least a friendship.

  3. I say admire him from across the room. However this advice comes from another extremely shy person who has no Idea how to approach someone. However when you decide to approach him remember to breath. The last thing you need to is pass out in front of him. Awkward! 🙂 Good Luck!

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