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Today’s the solar eclipse! It’s 7:11 AM. I have a permission slip saying that I’m allowed to see it during school. The permission slip also implies I need to bring special glasses. This is the first total solar eclipse visible in the U.S. since 1979. The next one visible in the U.S. will be in 2024. That’s also when the Brood XII cicadas emerge again. That’s also when I should be graduating from college. I was looking up broods of cicadas and I found out about this one song called Day of the Locusts by Bob Dylan. This song was about him getting a degree from Princeton University.

So in 2024, I’ll be graduating amongst millions of cicadas while listening to a song about a guy who did the same thing. And there’s a solar eclipse! That’s so cool! I probably have a divine rite or something.

Well, I could be graduating somewhere far from the brood, but I’ll know they’re there.

We learned more new stuff in history. There were five original races: Australoids, Capoids, Congoids, Mongoloids, and Caucasoids. And Mongoloids squinted so much that their eyes developed an extra layer of skin. Summer always likes to bring of this one thing I said at vacation Bible school when I was little.

“Why do so many people here have eyes like this?”

And I stretched my eyes out really far. It makes me laugh thinking about it. Only kids can do stuff like that and still be lovable. Summer had a similar experience when she was little. She was in line with a black lady.

“I love your skin!”

My skin sometimes looks weird. Especially on my hands. It looks like there’s a pattern of dark and light. It’s not flattering.

I have a little cousin named Emily who’s to opposite of Summer when it comes to skin color. I was playing Sims 3 with her and my little cousin Matt. I generated a random character for her to customize and the person had pretty dark skin. Congoloid dark. Emily started laughing in a really obnoxious way.

“Oh my gosh!”

Apparently she didn’t like the aesthetics. And that wasn’t the end of it. She wanted to have a baby. Now wanted to tell a little kid how to have sex, I told her she could only adopt a baby.

“I don’t want a baby with dark skin.”

Jesus Christ. What a little fascist this girl was! It was actually a bit funny, but also a bit sad. I guess I like dark humor.

Pun not intended.

Matt was a different story. He a sweet kid. He’s usually either laughing or crying, but he gets over things quickly. At least with me he does. Matt always plays as a female character in Sims 3 because he wants to have a baby. I told him he could adopt a baby as a male character but he didn’t really care. I was playing pretend Pokémon with him and Emily and he wanted his first Pokémon to be a female Deerling.

“The pink one.”

And he wants to be a cheerleader. I swear, if this kids gets his junk cut off when he’s older, I was the first to call it. Which is a silly assumption to make since I would do “boy things” with huge quotation marks and I don’t want a dick.

Not a permanent one at least.

“Do you want to be a girl in real life. That would be bad.”

Had Emily been thinking about the same things I was?

At the beginning of theology, the principle said over the intercom that people who got the permission slip signed could see the solar eclipse during ninth period. I had that. She also said we needed special solar eclipse glasses. I’ll just masquerade sunglasses I brought as “special.” Then she said the our glasses will be checked and that regular sunglasses don’t count.


I guess I’ll just be watching the livestream in the safety of French class.

After theology I went to math. We got a lot of homework again. The two people I was working on it with were going so fast. I could barely do any work, meaning I basically just copied down their answers. When I left math I saw a quiet looking bathroom right by my locker. I never really took notice of my that bathroom.

During lunch I went in. I was completely isolated. It was amazing.

In speech I drew I picture of a squid guy I saw on a Magic card. Sometimes I just completely fall in love with the art on a magic card. Like Winter Orb, Stasis, Damnation, Baleful Strix, Adikar Unicorn, etc.

In French we got to see the solar eclipse of the projector. There was commentary over it. One man got really excited when the sun was completely covered up.

“It’s a total totality!”

I took a moment to think about all the ancient peoples who didn’t know what to make of an eclipse. I would find it pretty scary if I didn’t know what it was. Now I know what it is and what it looks like and I still want to see it so badly. In some of the videos of the eclipse, thousands of people would gather outside to watch.

We’re so curious.

After school I ate a pack of blueberry muffins that was in my lunch. That’s 180 calories. That means I have 320 calories left to spend.

Yeah, I increased it to 500 calories on down days. Life is full of compromises.

So sadly, I can’t eat the delicious thin steaks my mom’s making me. Not one. The whole house smells like garlic. This will be tough.

I’ll have to tell her I’m not hungry and eat a jelly sandwich instead. Rats.

It’s 3:50 PM now. I should get started on homework.

It’s 7:19 now. I still need to read history and study science. I think I’m going to get my period soon. Lemme count the calories I’ve have.

So I had 320 left to spend. I drank a juice box. 220. I had a jelly sandwich on white bread. 7 calories left. I won’t spend those. I checked my weight and it was a little under 140. Yay!

The universe is 13. 772 billion years old. I’m almost 16 years old. So as of now I’ve existed for 0.0000001161778% of the time the universe existed. If you can’t tell I’m bored. I should probably tell you about my Michigan dream, but I think I’ll wait for a day that’s really uneventful. At least there was a total solar eclipse today.

Maybe I should get around to watching the new season of Mr. Robot soon. It has a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes and only one negative review from the listed critics. It shouldn’t be that bad. And I can tell you my opinion on each episode.

Update! Got weak and ate a pumpkin spice crisp. I’m 93 calories in debt. I’ve failed both down days. Remember this! Wednesday is my next fast. Wednesday is the day I decide to be strong!

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