The Eclipse

I am not going to watch the eclipse.  I have a slight bit of macular degeneration in one eye and I don’t want to risk any more damage to my sight.  I know about the glasses, etc.  But I also don’t want to get in any crowds.  We live in South Carolina, right in the path of the full eclipse.  People are driving in and renting hotel rooms like crazy.  I hope everything will be peaceable.  People are driving from as far as 2,000 miles away.  Can you imagine?  To see the moon swallow up the sun for 2 minutes.  Is it a sign of the times?  Could be.  If you are going to watch it, do wear the best glasses made for that purpose and….enjoy!!

One thought on “The Eclipse”

  1. Here in the UK there was only a 4% cover of the sun so you couldn’t notice a thing!

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