Day 2!

Bulletproof tea for breakfast rather than their blended coffee. I’m not a coffee person. Need to make it with real cream, butter and coconut oil instead. Tried almond milk and coconut oil. Kind of disgusting. 

Not feeling hungry after though? 

Ok, nevermind. Got hungry by 10:30. Had my lunch. Avocado fries fried in bacon grease are yummy. Cook till brown! 

End of the day, disaster! Landlord is not so smart, and had the plastic strainer in the oven with pasta in it. When I turned on the oven to make flax seed focaccia, I had no idea of this. So, after making the mixture and spreading it out into a neat pan, I opened the oven to find my whole evenings plans melting to the bottom of the oven in a big red mess. 

The intention was to make chicken salad on the flax seed focaccia, but best laid plans of mice and men, and all that jazz. So, bacon and eggs, with avocado fries again.


Seriously, if anyone is reading this, do yourself a favour, and cook yourself some avocado fries in bacon grease. SO GOOD. 

Due to the oven being a red melty mess, my meal plans for tomorrow have been adjusted. Fun times.

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