dont feel like writing, but its better than nothing.

The past two days have been a bit more rough. Ive been feeling more anxious than normal anx its making my primary alter, Korena, a bit more active. i can feel her and hear her nagging at the back of my mind  and its rather distracting lately. its hard to focus and i feel like im being rushed with alot of things. 

on the upside ive been able to use this energy to work on my book.  i got an outline for my next few chapters planned out and i got two pages written. which is pretty great considering its been weeks since ive had a creative spark. 

ill probally have to let her out before too long, and i dont really feel like doing that. i know its just part of who i am, but i still hate when this happens, especially when im having a good week. 

2 thoughts on “dont feel like writing, but its better than nothing.”

  1. I’m excited that you are writing a book! I have written two. I know what hard work it is! Very gratifying though. Glad you’re journaling too. Keep the faith and press on. God will never abandon you, He will always love you and be there for you. Always. Always.

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