It’s Amazing where life takes you

Everyone thinks their life is ordinary as others and there is nothing special happening except problems coming towards you and I was that girl but now I understand everyone’s life is different and we never know where our individual life will take us.As a child, I would never think my life would this much especially with the conflicts my parents were having with each other. It wasn’t like normal arguments that any family had it was a big fight and it wasn’t about me either. basically, they would use drugs and tried to kill each other by whatever they had in hand. AND, All I could do is look and cry and look from far or tried to go near them but nothing was working and I never knew what kind of anger or hate that was behind all this. There were many times I wanted to kill myself because I could see and I thought maybe they were fighting about me, not because of the embarrassment I was Facing and people gossiping about my parents. so I would just try to hand myself up but I was ten so I could die even after many attempts. But now since we moved to someplace everything has changed my parents don’t get drunk and don’t. However, they do argue and do discussion any parents does and I am sharing this so You would never lose hope and have faith in God if something goes wrong there is always a hand of the God that will never leave your side. 

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  1. You are so inspiring, dear. I am thankful things got somewhat better for you. I believe your life will be better yet as years go by and you get a place of your own. Thank you for encouraging all of us about God’s hand always being on us and helping us. You are a beautiful soul.

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