Black Jaguar turning Baby?

I had this dream last night and I am not sure if it means something. I don’t remember the whole thing. In the beginning:

I was with a couple of people that I knew but I don’t remember their names. We were at somebody’s place (I would guess it’s like a lavish palace, I didn’t really see the whole place). It was kind of dark and we were sneaking in (I’ve never sneak anywhere, I’m not that kind of person) and it was kind of like a forest without trees and there were small hills. The weird thing was that it was inside the building. It was night time. We were being quite. I had a feeling inside me that we were inside the building of very bad people and we wanted to expose them. I don’t know how. Then all of a sudden there was four or five black jaguars heading for us. All of a sudden I had a gun in my hand. (I’ve never held a gun before). I was scared and wanted to run (I don’t usually get scared easily) but I stood my ground. I didn’t want to shoot the jaguars. Then one came at me and I just shot at it twice to injure it, I didn’t want to kill it. All the others were killed by my friends. A crash came and a bunch of bad guys with huge guns came at us. The jaguar I injured was moving. One of the bad guy saw and swung his gun at it to kill it and I rushed to the jaguar and helped the jaguar to listen to me to come escape. I wanted to save the jaguar and didn’t want it dead. The jaguar listened and was kind to me. We got away.

Then I don’t remember the middle of my dreams but somewhere throughout my jaguar disappeared. Then in the end:

I was in the hospital and my mom was beside me. I could feel that something bad happened to me, but I was fine. Then I remembered what the doctor said that I was pregnant. I’m sure that it was a girl. But the thing is I’m a virgin and I kept thinking that this was impossible. My mom was worried about me but was kind of happy that I was pregnant (In real life my mom have been bugging me to get a married and get pregnant). But I kept thinking that it was impossible. I couldn’t be pregnant. I didn’t feel so weird that there was a possibility that I was raped, I think I would I have felt something if I was. I knew I was still a virgin. But I have this overpowering feeling that I would protect this baby with my whole life and that nothing would happen to her.

So I was wondering if anybody can help me interpret this dream! Please and thank you!

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I will definitely do my best to pick myself up from this hole I’ve dug myself in. I will definitely lean on friends for moral support and even writing in here helps because it’s nice to get other peoples opinions. Your dreams sound incredibly vivid. I have weird and vivid dreams too. I found this site that mentions jaguars in dreams

  2. Wow thank you TragedyKills. I read it and it was great! Sorry it took me long to read this, I got busy and then for some reason I forgot I had this lol. Your welcome. I hope you were able to pick yourself up and made your life better. It is good to hear from other people’s point of view especially if we don’t know each other we can see from more vantage point then just a certain type of view.

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