Music is Nice

I get slightly annoyed that I’m the only one in my grade (probably my school) that listens to any lo-fi or chillhop and whatever else I’m into at this point, soooo, let’s bug the internet. (I’m very confused with genres so, bear with me please)

Here’s some music-

Atlas: lofi hiphop with vocals/ Indie Rock (I think)

Snoozin’, Alarm, Dissociate, Broken Record, Holding yr hand, early graves, Cheat Day, Worried, Never enough, Magic, Eu.logy, Valentine etc etc etc, Atlas is amazing and I love him, his music has helped me through a bunch of shit and is super good

Glue70: House?

Casin, coral fumes, compete, the price, step into the sunshine. I know casin has the reputation of being a meme fad, but damn this one makes some good music

Idealism: Chillhop

Hiraeth ep, winter bokeh, Rainy Evening ep. Very chilled out music, super calming with nice piano. Amazing for before/after a panic attack in my experience, or just calming down in general.

Darwin Deez: Indie pop/rock

Radar Detector, Red Shift, Up in the Clouds, The Bomb song. Darwin Deez makes awesome music, kind of different to the previous, but indie rock is fun and cool and also RADAR DETECTOR (is great and groovy and I thoroughly enjoy it)

Samsa: Kind of like Atlas

Butterflies, Komodo, Haunt me, Tinder Samurai, Anthropocene (ft Atlas <3) Love his voice almost as much as Atlas’, good music, good feels.

Elijah Who: Kind of like Idealism

I’ve got her love, how2, ding mogu, feelin fine, Haiku. Chill stuff, also with some rap-y stuff?

Aqualina: Lo-Fi

Group therapy, In your arms, arcade, comfort, Luv<3, e g g r o l l. Lo-fi is nice for relaxing and doing whatever

Purpan: hiphop instrumental?

Downtime beattape, my. <3, loving you, peace.of.mind beattape, life beattape. Found Atlas through purpan, and if his music is good enough for an Atlas song, it must be pretty damn great.


So yeah, music, pretty sure no’one will even check these out, but if you do I hope you like something.

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