Procrastination Time!

I should really be doing my legal assignment right now, but I have a couple recurring thoughts in my head and I feel like getting them out will help me concentrate better (hopefully). So heregoes I guess. 

I get this weird feeling sometimes, I’ll just be thinking about something and suddenly I will start, disagreeing with my own thoughts? I’ll think of something I want to say to someone, or how I’m feeling, but at the same time feel like that’s completely wrong, like that thought isn’t true. I feel separated from how I’m actually feeling, like a voice floating in my head, only able to critique what comes out of it, rather than create those feelings and opinions by myself. It’s weird and I don’t like it, it usually happens with emotions and I’ve already barely managed to get a grasp on those, which just makes it even more confusing. Maybe it’s from the medication?

Oh and the medication, it got waaay better past the first day, I guess I was just getting used to it. I still get drowsy, and I still get spells where I’m completely physically sick with worry, but they are the minority now and that feels amazing. I actually feel like I can function properly and am consistently much happier on a daily basis. 

If anyone that reads this has ADHD and spaces out (or something similar), can I ask, are there ways to kick yourself out of it? I’ve noticed that I’m daydreaming a lot more recently, as well as getting periods of a ‘foggy/static-y mind’, where I can think but my thoughts are too hazy to get myself to actually do anything. I looked this up and it apparently has something to do with executive dysfunction, but I couldn’t find any ways to ‘wake myself up’ I guess. I’m missing halves of conversations, parts of lessons in classes and wasting a large amount of study time because of this and any help would be appreciated <3.


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