Second day of highschool

I’d say I’m pretty damn proud of myself. Like seriously, I’ll gladly give myself a pat on my own back. 

I walked to school together with my two friends, and like it was kind of shitty for me because they are like in their own bubble and I really just become this extra person trying to join the conversation: You know? But I didn’t let it bother me too much. Like I could just bike away from them, but I figured I don’t want to start any drama now that I’ve got all kinds of school stuff to worry about instead. 

I parked my bike in front of the school, and literally now the thing I’ve been stressing about the entire night have come. I need to find the freaking science room. Literally walked around the entire school together with my friend trying to find all kinds of different classrooms. It was kind of really awkward considering we were really lost and it probably looked so stupid. But on the good side (kind of) there were ALOT of other 1st graders (like us) also lost trying to find their ways. In the end I found the way and I ended up at the right spot. 

Which leads me to. Like I said I have been stressing the entire night about the rooms and stuff like that. I get very anxious if I don’t have everything related to that in order. Like I don’t want to be late and shit because then I’ll have to encounter awkwardness on levels im not ready for yet. 

Then when our first class started, and it was gym. Though we didnt actually have gym: We sat in one of the science rooms and talked about gym. Mostly because we were going to take photos in about half an hour and then we cant be looking all sweaty and shit from gym. In the science room I sat next to my “partner” and a guy that has reallyyy pretty eyes. Good for you boy. 

Then the teacher sent us all to the park which is right next to the school, ang guess what we did there? The teacher told us to stand in a circle: She was going to have us play a name game so we will all learn eachothers names easier. I didn’t know of this, so I just stood where I already stood. And guess what, that was last.. In other words: I had to say every single freaking name that was in front of me.. and who was in front of me? EVERYONE. I forgot like half of the names.. but gladely they all told me the names without judging me for having a short memory. I feel kind of proud though. In the past when these kinds of games came up, I would just walk away without caring what the teachers says.. because no way I would do something so nerve wrecking. But I SURVIVED 

Oh yeah we also had another get to know eachother game were we had to throw a ball between us.. I was the only one who lost the ball onto the ground. Not my fault.. The ball looked like a basketball but was heavy as hell. Like wtf? Noone prepared me for this. But it was ok, dont think anyone cared lmao. 

And then lastly (not really) but lastly I’m writing from today worth mentioning: The teacher was having a one on one conversation with each student so everyone was just sitting in the hall outside waiting for their turn. When it was my turn I just talked, and then when I got out.. It was weird… Some guys was standing by the lockers, I walked past them without really noticing them.. and like my friend waiting for me told me later that their heads was all glued on me, I found it flattering.. even though I dont remember the faces of any of them. But not only that, when I passed the other girls sitting in the hall: I walked past them and I looked at them: They were looking at me too. But I dont know if it was in a good or a bad way. They were like.. curious? Confused? I don’t know, but I can’t tell if it was bad or good looks. Did I have anything on my face?

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