My two loser cousins…..


I feel that  two of my cousins might be bisexuals .Like i don’t even understand why I have to be related to such weirdos …story of my life.So anyho,my gut instinct never ever fails me.If I feel that something is wrongwith someone then It’l be 98% true.Like my instincts are that much spot on .It’s a talent I honed further by reading all sorts of psycology books.Yeah I’m good at that since I can’t reveal their names here let me give them nicknames…I’ll call them Varun and keerthan .I think Varun is older than me by 16 or 18 years..give or take a few years and Keerthan is younger to me by 2 years I think.I always had a gut instinct that there was something off about these two boys and i was so correct!!keerthan has stated in his social media page that he’s into boys(when somebody showed me this ,I didn’t feel that shocked or surprised because it was like actually confirming the fact which was already established)..Atleast Keerthan is a bi but I have a strong feeling that Varun has got even more deeper and darker secrets…I strongly suspect and feel that he’s a groomer.I have come to this conclusion based on observing his behaviour towards a certain someone and I could relate his persona to Mr.Harvey from the ‘Lovely bones’ movie and also Little Fingers from ‘game of thrones’ how down market and cheap….I feel like the kids from ‘monster house’ where they were the only ones who knew that the house was alive and couldn’t tell that to anyone as no one would believe them and just call them crazy.I can keep a secret but this one is huge and shouldn’t people like my cousin be in therapy or somehing…sheesh all this is so crazy.who knows maybe he might secretly be taking therapy because frankly speaking he needs all the help that he can get.He can’t speak to any women properly(kinda like Rajesh Koothrapalli from ‘The big bang theory’)..which is also one of the common traits found in most gay Indian men..He could talk a little only to that one girl whom he grooms.He amuses me a lot.Like whenever I see him ,I just feel like laughing but i try to control myself as it is rude but try as i hard as I may ,It’s quite a difficult task for me.I usually try and avoid weirdos but since this is a cousin of mine who is a pedo/gay ,i can’t avoid this weirdo since I’d be forced to be in the same space as this one at family events and stuff(wish I had a bunch of Dothrakis for relatives coz anything is better than creepos lie this)………………………………

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