23 AUG 2017

I need to make another entry. I’m going crazy about this. I haven’t talked to Kev… I need to stop holding onto any hope you might reach out. My life needs to move on. Football game tonight, Iceland, school, and work. My plate is to full to have you on my mind. Its’ to full for you to have a part of my heart, but i feel its to late. In a pathetic hopeless romantic way, this is killing me. Everything will be better soon. You” be out of my mind and I’ll have gotten out of this torment.

The coffee shop.

 I had to pull my glasses off to clearly see. I couldn’t believe the spectacle before me. You were talking about something and I couldn’t listen. I was lost. Lost in the most amazingly crystal clear blue tinted windows to your soul. You had me at that moment. I’ve been a sucker for some nice eyes, but theres nice, and theres what you have. I could see through the physical you and into your bubbly carefree soul. You could have hid this treasure form me. I wouldn’t be doing this today if you had. Hell if you had just stopped at lunch I may have been better. You did only need one word though, coupled with your smile. You had me from hello, it was over from the start. I don’t want to say you’re the most beautiful person out there, because you’re not. Not anymore. Beauty factors looks and personality. You’re lacking now in personality, or at least if I keep saying it I’ll believe it. There is a positive to this whole thing, besides the single greatest time I’ve had with an individual. I will have to fill my time. I’m going to re-learn the violin, maybe this time I can ‘get good.’ Until next time.

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