My new “experience”

This is my first post (or whatever ya teens call it these days) so forgive me if this is the worst one you have ever read.

So, I had to walk for a total of 12 hours with a huge 17 kg bag, it seems really normal doesn’t it? Well, I had to do this with my school in a group of 7 people (including myself) and it was and absolute nightmare, it was the 4 people that I used hang out with (they ended up being toxic) so I decided to hang out with 2 new people which ended up being more fun. Anyway, that is some useless information, let’s get on with me complaining. I didn’t enjoy that walking at all, I would’ve enjoyed it without that bloody bag but it made me stronger (emotionally) but it made me have bruises on my shoulder and hip problems for the next 2 days, fun! I would’ve kind of enjoyed it with the bag too if it wasn’t for a girl in my group who was (pardon me for my unladylike term) a bitch, now, I am not the kind of person that hates everyone, in fact I just hate her, you may ask yourself why, well, she is a hypocrite, a liar, a drama queen (A HUGE ONE), really vain, an utter moron and I don’t think we have much in common as all she thinks about is how my history teacher is what she considers “fit” (English slang for handsome) and all I think about is what I can do the next day, I don’t hate her for those reasons to put it simply she’s one of those friends that you think that if they weren’t there your life would be simpler, to put it shortly she is the fakest friend you’ll ever meet or even hear about. She ruined this whole experience by complaining, taking breaks every five seconds, even my friend who has a walking disabilty didn’t take that many bloody breaks! She is just the worst person I have ever met (and I have met some bad people in my lifetime!) but I apologize if this was me complaining instead of telling the story, I’ll try to write a new entry without me complaining as much.

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