I have been in panic mood all day. 

Rushing around trying to make things look half decent. I looked in the mirror and just laughed. My face was bright red, my hair looking crazy and I’m in sweats. I’d been cleaning for hours, but seeing my messy self made me laugh. My parents are visiting today. My dads health is about as bad as it gets so traveling is difficult for him. I still see them every two weeks or so. I don’t mind the bus as much anymore. I’m not sure why I’m so nervous. Maybe it’s because I want things to look like I’m coping when secretly I’m not… Or maybe it’s just what you do when someone comes over to stay. I don’t know what normal people do.. 

My mum and dad are dead nice, supportive and genuine. So why do I feel as if I’m meeting the queen. 

I havent lived with my parents since before I went into care at seven. Maybe that’s why it’s scary. 

My little sisters coming too. But she deserves a whole page about her. Which I will have to do, she’s amazing. A real little star. 

Well for now, 


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