Another Day

So I got out of work 20 mins early tonight…It was pretty awesome because most of the time its like 20 mins after before I get out. However I have to be in 30 mins earlier tomorrow. Well technically today. I enjoy my job most of the time. It is just some of the people I work with that drive me absolutely insane.  I just have some co-workers that are very inconsiderate of other people. I talked to one of my bosses tonight about going to 3rd shift…However the issues is my job does not really have a third shift so it’s something that kind of has to be created. However it is something that can be very useful. Working in a deli you do not really get the chance to do a lot of side work in which is required to do. By side work I mean extra deep cleaning. Sandwiches we make and sell. We also put together some “grab and go” meals that are easy and convenient for the customers. When the deli is open our main priority is the customer and then we have to clean so when we have a steady flow of people there are things that get neglected. The hours would be 9pm to 5:30 am. I am a night owl by nature so those hours would be perfect for someone like me. I would not have to deal with people so much. I don’t dislike people by any means I just have a hard time dealing with them. We shall see what happens. She thought it was a fantastic idea.  

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