Getting To Know Me

I am one of God’s children.  That is why I have my username as ChildofGod.  I am a woman who has a story to tell and would love to tell her story about how she got to know God through experiences, friends, family, and the Bible.  I have learned, in the past two years, what God has me here for.  Among all the politics, religious controversies, and problems we are facing in society today, I have come to find the best place to be is to talk to God.  I am not here to shove religion or Scripture down the throats of others.  I am here to spread the Word of God through experience, Bible Scripture, and understanding of what I know God has done for me.  Being a Christian, a believer of Christ, is not easy at all.  We are individuals who have been born into sin since Adam and Eve were banned from the Garden of Eden after eating from the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Life God told them not to eat.  Of course, Satan, the angel of deceit and lies, convinced Eve to eat from the Tree of Life and Adam soon followed.  As the years continued to move ahead we learn of great men and women in the Bible God has had as His followers.  The Bible has wonderful stories and anecdotes for us to follow for every feeling we have.  The Bible is amazing and wonderful.  I use it every day in some way.  I read a verse a day, share a verse with other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Empowr, and now here.  I am indeed a child of God and I will do my best to be every day despite what I experience outside my apartment door.

Outside my apartment door?  Yes, my apartment is my home and while I am in my apartment I am safe, comfortable, and very happy.  I live in an apartment complex with folks who are 62 and over but I am one of three younger tenants who are under 62 still living here.  Up until May of 2017 we had four tenants under 62 but things do happen and life moves on.  I am only 47 years old.  I have lived in the same apartment complex since March 1998 but in two different apartments.  In 2009, I had the opportunity to move from the third floor to the first floor because my disability – cerebral palsy – was changing and the apartment I am in now is a handicapped apartment.  A former tenant would disagree that the handicapped apartments are not made for the handicapped.  I totally disagree with this former tenant.  Anyway, I am getting off the subject of feeling safe, comfortable, and very happy and I better get back on track.  My apartment is my home.  I rarely have company over.  I do not have other tenants knocking at my door day and night like I once did but in the past several months I have pretty much kept to myself.  I still go out and do things but I rarely do things with and for other tenants.  What I experienced for six months from October 2016 to May 2017 had really set me into a trust factor with other tenants in the building.  I do not participate in activities such as games, potlucks, bingo, or every other Saturday coffee and donuts.  I keep to myself.  The same tenants go and the same conversations happen, and certain people get talked about.  So when I leave my apartment, I do say hello to other tenants but I do not really like to engage in a lot of conversation with them.  I have personal cares every day, appointments to go to, someone who helps me with grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry every week.  I am not entirely alone and I do not feel entirely alone either.  I have social media, games, TV, my Kindle reader, my journaling and writing, and of course a 11 year old cat named Bing Crosby who is very social and cuddly.  I also have God who watches over me – over everyone.

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