Voices from the Machines


August 26, 2017

7:07 am

   The voices are quite active this morning. They’re faint and whispery, but their chatter is constant at the moment….which is so often the case.

  Yesterday, I got my car back….it had been in a shop being repaired. I was having trouble with it all summer and went many weeks without it.

  While I was driving  around yesterday, the voices were coming in over the noise of my car engine. I observe that certain back ground noises seem to give them greater means to project their voices over the others.

  Yesterday’s incidents in my car reminded me of March, 2015…..when my situation was escalating but had not yet reached full blown oppression and intrusion.

 Back during that month, I remember that I experienced several incidents of these voices speaking to me over the noise of my car engine…..only back then it was far more unsettling, because this situation was still very new to me and I had no idea what was happening……in many ways I still don’t, but I’ve been going through it now for quite some time and am far better at dealing with the situation now than when I was only a few weeks into it.

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