Negative Spirit Attachment


August 27, 2017

3:37 pm

   For the most part, today has been mild as far as the presence of these negative spirit attachments go.

 The voices have been chattering away constantly all day as usual, but not at a strong level and for the most part, I was able to ignore them quite successfully.

  The biggest disturbance so far today has been when I tried to take a nap about an hour ago. As usual, as soon as I got into bed, they started right up with the physical disturbances. 

  Mostly, I was feeling the familiar vibration sensation, but also this feeling of something cling to my back and moving around slightly….though it was as if it was inside the mattress.

  I did almost fall asleep, but the physical disturbances prevented this… after about an hour I simply gave up. Well at least once and a while I can manage to catch up on sleep on my day off….but not today. At the moment things are pretty calm….hopefully it stays that way.

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