Being in love is honestly the best feeling you will ever have in your life, but what happens when you lose the one who means everything to you. For 4 years this girl was my entire world, i gave up everything for her, and then what happens, im the one that gets left and feeling completely broken. I feel like my hearts been shattered into tiny pieces and theres no-one there to pick up the pieces. Been 2 months and i still cant get her off my mind or stop wanting to be with her. Even though she probably doesnt even think about me anymore theres nothing i can do that will get her out of my head, even now as i lie here trying to distract myself any way that i know how all i can think about is what she’s doing, is she thinking about me and constantly checking my phone, just praying that maybe i’ll find a message from her. Thats foolish. I’m left here asking myself, was it worth it, 4 of the best years of my life that i wouldnt trade for anything to be followed by a lifetime of hurt and misery. 10 minutes ago i found a video of you on my phone, watched afew seconds and couldnt bare it any longer. I’v been told that by now i should start to feel different but everyday the pain only amplifies. Feeling so lost in my life right now all i want is to have you in my arms, be able to kiss your lips and know that im where i belong. If i knew that the last time i saw you would be the last time i never would of left. I would have taken every second rememboring every part of your face, your beautiful blue eyes, your lips, i never would of stopped kissing. Why do i still feel like this!! I know i need to get over you and try and move on but i cant its too difficult to give up on someone you know is your soulmate. Your the love of my life and i want to spend the rest of my life with you, but you dont feel the same, and im here, alone, thinking about what i could of done different, what i should of done different, i shouldnt of let a second go by where you ever had to doubt how i felt about you. What do you do when you lose the one, your soulmate, the person your suppose to spend eternity with. WHAT DO I DO?

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