Micro pig.

I never really know what to write. I know people say ‘write what you feel’ but I feel the same all the time. Nervous. I don’t really want to talk about that all the time. So I guess I’ll be random and talk rubbish. 

I have been thinking about my future lately. What I want to do and how I want to go about it. I have always had big plans since I kid. It started off as a lion keeper. Then a fashion designer then finally I decided at twelve.. I wanted to be a social worker. Being in care and having the first hand experience I thought maybe it would be right for me. But the last two years I have reconsidered. I want to do something good. With young people. I just don’t know what yet. There’s good courses but I’m just still to nervous to be in that kind of environment. 

If I ever have the luck of winning the lottery, or something insanely unlikely like that… I’d buy a huge house. 

For children and young people. A place to go if they need space. I’d have all kinds of support for those who needed it. And bedrooms for local young people struggling to find accommodation. Theropy rooms, with lights and pillows, books and privacy. 

I spent alot of time in foster placements then carehomes, if I had somewhere to go just for a chat or a time out session I know I would have coped alot better. Instead of running away and breaking down. 

But if I did ever win the lottery I’d of course buy a baby micro pig. I love them.



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