The American Midwest

Moving from the South to the American Midwest was nice at first.  The people here seemed to be nicer.  Now it seems I cannot connect with anyone.  The people I have met are stuffy and need to loosen up.  Even my fantastic boyfriend seems to be “stuffy” at times.  The people here are so self-righteous- especially when it comes to recycling.  It almost seems that people get upset if you order a beverage to go because the cup is made of plastic.  Yes, the cause it noble but are they not considering the rights and needs of the customer?

When I first moved here I was really happy because it seemed the people were more polite and the area was generally more liberal.  All the people I met when I first moved here are now off the radar.  I don’t get invited out anymore by these people for some reason.  I read on a tea bag today “let things come to you.”  That seems to be the only good news I’ve received lately so I’ll stick with it.

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