Where it all started

These days I just feel so lost. Everything in my life just slowly started to fall apart.

My University life is stressing me out as usual, love life became complicated, having a hard time with Job hunting and most importantly I am drifting away from God.

I guess it all started when my 3 year relationship ended in March. Ever since then my life has been messy. Because of all the emotions I was feeling I ended up failing my units which means I have to redo them. I lost my job due to closure and I am having a hard time finding a new one. I know it’s times like this where praying is the best thing I can do. Laying all my problems to God, and seeking for his answer. But it is so hard to maintain that faith when everything is just falling apart.

Any christian brothers and sisters out there, lets keep in touch.

One thought on “Where it all started”

  1. I am praying for your peace and awareness of God’s hand in your life. Life is hard sometimes but God knows what He is doing. I know this because I also struggle with keeping my eyes on Christ and my mind stayed on Him! He loves you (and me) so much.

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