[48] ~*Thu – 08/24/17*~

[9:31 pm]

I almost feel like I haven’t been doing my homework as I haven’t wrote anything since Mon. I’ve been busy and haven’t took the time until now. I want to go do the dishes and take a shower but I wanted to start writing before to make sure I was going to do it tonight or then I would just not write about my past three days and I sorta want to talk about it. So let’s start..

Tuesday was quite a busy day. I woke up at noon and we went to see Daddy’s Home. We then went to eat at the Casino since mom had two free buffets. We then drove hub home so he could go back to bed as he had only slept two hours and we went to Costco. I hate going to that place cause it always cost too much but mom paid for my stuff so not too bad although I always feel bad when she pays for my stuff. After Costco we went to this Prayer Garden cause we had some time to kill and it was very nice. There was a hill with a sort of waterfall coming down the rocks which I climbed but wasn’t too sure if I was going to be able to come back down. I’m not a religious person but there was benches where you could kneel and pray so for fun I went to one, knelled down and prayed out loud saying that I wanted for my friend to win some money later on when we would be going at Jack’s cause we had decided we were gonna go try our luck over there since it’s where mom always goes and make money (most of the time). She laughed at me! Once we were done there we wanted to go to the place we had went last time mom was here to play in those games to win stuffed animals but we realized we didn’t have much time before the next movie so we came back home. Once home, I checked to buy tickets for the movie but of course, it was pretty much sold out so we didn’t go. I should of bought the tickets earlier but I don’t like doing that in case something comes up and we wouldn’t of been able to go. So since we couldn’t go to the movie and had to wait about 2 hrs for the next one, we decided to go to Jack’s at that time. We each played $20 and MY FRIEND WON. It wasn’t much really, she took out $50 so she only made $30 but for her it was big. Looks like my prayers at the Garden were answered. She could of taken $60 out but of course my mom told her to keep trying and she was listening to my mom. Bleh! Oh well.. she still made a bit of money which I was happy about. Maybe Jack’s place is a lucky place or maybe I should visit that Prayer Garden more often. Hehe! So anyways, after that we came back home to get hub and we went to see Annabelle which was good and fun cause my friend kept jumping. Hehe! Now I need to re-watch the first one thought cause I don’t really remember. That was pretty much Tuesday.

Yesterday I woke up at noon again and we went out to the Queen’s Buffet me, mom and my friend. Hub decided to stay in bed which I was fine with as it would cost me less. After we were done eating we didn’t really do anything. Took my friend back to her place, came home and mom got ready to leave. She called her sister that had came with her to let her know they would be leaving soon. My aunt then told her that I had a cat stuck in my tree. My aunt was at my cousin which lives behind me. I guess the night before my cousin’s wife could hear a cat meowing but didn’t know where it was coming from and thought maybe she was imagining it. The next day she decided to try and find the cat and it was up in one of my trees so they were trying to get it to come down. She knocked on a few people doors to find the owner and the cat had been missing for two days. They tried to put a ladder to climb the tree but of course when they did, the cat went up. They called the firefighters, nothing, the SPCA, nothing, tree cutters, nothing.. the poor cat. They finally got a guy from the power line to come and he got up there with the bucket but of course, the cat went all the up. That tree is super tall so he was all the way up there, the guy couldn’t reach him so he had to use a stick. He asked the owner if he could push the cat down as it was the only option at this point beside waiting for the cat to come down by itself but he had already been in that tree for two days so the owner wanted the cat down. Took like 5-10 mins and he finally made him drop but gosh did that cat ever had a bad fall. It felt from super high and on it’s side but of course he got up and ran away. That said, as far as I know, they still haven’t found the cat which is really sad cause he, more than likely, is hurt from that fall. I didn’t help looking for the cat cause I had a client from 6 to 8 but I went over to my cousin’s when I got home to see and they said they didn’t think they had found the cat. I didn’t go over today so I really don’t know but I really hope the cat did go home after he calmed down. So that was the adventure of yesterday.

This morning I was hoping my first client would cancel and she did. I’m so spoiled when it comes to this. So I only had to work at 4 so I slept until like 2. I worked from 4 to 8, got home and made myself some Pogo which I used to eat ALL THE TIME but hadn’t had any in ages and finished watching my episode of Catfish. Now I’m writing and looking at the time which seems to be going by too fast as I still need to finish the laundry, dishes and shower. Not too bad as my client of tomorrow morning already cancelled so I only have to work for 12:30, my last client also cancelled as he’s going away for the weekend so I also have tomorrow evening off. Woot! I’ve also finally called back the guy for the doors and they will be coming next Wed to fix them and hopefully all will be done and I’ll be able to pay and be done with it. Soon I’ll have to deal with them again thought as we still need to finish the other half of the house with the windows. It took so long to finish this half that it’s almost time to order the other half. I think we might wait for Jan to do that. We also need a new deck so I’m not too sure which one we will get done first. So much money!

Oh yea, when I came home Tue I had a message on the phone and it was from the Halfway House I had applied to for a job many times and I don’t remember the last time I did, I had giving up on them but he finally called to say he had openings. I don’t know if I should go anymore so I haven’t called back. I wanted to work there so badly before and now I just don’t know as I’m not too sure what he has available as I haven’t applied in months, I don’t even know if I ever applied this year. So yea.. I think I might call him and go for an interview if he offers one and see as I’m not losing anything by going. I’ve been wanting to work in correctional so bad and maybe this is finally my chance to start somewhere. In some way I just find that I’m getting too old to start somewhere new, I don’t know. I like the hours I have and I guess I’m being spoiled with all the free hours that I don’t know if I really want a new job. Like I said, we shall see where it goes. I’ll start by calling back..

I think that’s all the excitement that happened in the past few days. If I think of something else that I might of forgotten I’ll come back. For now I shall go do the dishes and take my shower as it’s almost 10.

I forgot, the manager at the store never asked me again if I could work on that Sun so I decided that I wasn’t going to work cause then I’d be losing a day and that doesn’t sound right to me. Hub works until 8 pm on Sat so I might leave when he’s done to go over to my mom and go to the campground from her place on Mon. If I go to work on Sun, I can’t do this so what ever, I’m taking to time for myself, I think I deserve it and it’s not like I’m asking for it at the last minute when they have something to do at the store. I asked for this vacation time back in Apr when we had to book our vacation time. So there.. she called me and texted me today asking about next Mon and she never mentioned that Sun so I’m taking that she’s okay with it and I’m not going to mention it just in case. Talking about this, I really need to book that treehouse as well since I haven’t done it yet. I feel like I’ve been everywhere and nowhere at the same time. So much going on!!




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