A New Life

As I sit on my newly furnished bed, it just suddenly dawns on me that I am alone. Truly, utterly, and finally alone. Not in the sense that I don’t have anyone to rely on, or that I feel misunderstood, although these things are true but that is beside the point, but alas, I am living on my own. It is quite a different feeling to be dependent solely on yourself.

For the past eighteen years of my life I have relied on the knowledge, work, and support of my parents, whom have sheltered me with everything I could ever need and want. I know where every piece of appliance is put away in, where the extra rolls of toilet paper lie, where the sheets used for their nice scent when washing your clothes are placed, etc.

These are all little details that I once took for granted, but now make me realize that they are things I must now create on my own. Sure, maybe living in a dorm on a campus doesn’t actually give you a feel of what it is to live on your own, but it sure does paint quite the picture. It’s nice. I don’t have familiar voices and faces sorrounding me at all times, but excitement grows inside of me knowing that I will be met with new ones. Which is really all I ever wanted. 


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