Who doesn’t like chocolate? A weirdo perhaps.

I, just like 99.99% of the world population, love to eat chocolate. Whether if it is chocolate bars, chocolate biscuits, or chocolate cake, it is always tremendously hard to not take a bite.

A couple weeks ago, on Sunday, I went out with my Aunt to Mandarin Orchard. We went to a Victorian-themed cafe, St. Antoniette. Upon entering the cafe, I could not help but notice the extensive array of cakes displayed in the showcase. One stood out — the rose chocolate mousse.

It looked so pretty with its rouge red colour. The sweet chocolate scent tingled my nose and I started digging in. One scoop of smooth creamy mousse after another, I could not stop eating it. The chemicals in my brain started to burst and I felt like I was flying. Had chocolate always been that addictive? I think someone should soon officially announce chocolate as a drug. Drugs are addictive, so is chocolate. Drugs make you feel happy, and so does chocolate. However, does chocolate harm people? In my case, it does. It worsens my acne manifold.

I think I have to go for an intensive rehabilitation to completely break away from the endless chain of chocolate eating.


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