Day 1

Experience of full emotion and involving. It was a great day staring with the miracle morning of: meditation, visualisation, chanting, affirmations, swimming, running through the hurt, reading. Tasya was a nice company through the day and her brother made a cute addition. I’m happy with this bit wishing to learn meditation and chanting at his age. He has already reached some success! Hope to keep in tough. 

Reread all the poems and mainly I’m fine with their level. Hope to proceed with their correcting tomorrow. Almost finished the MM book and choose Tasya as a partner. Will finish the book tomorrow morning. 

Came to the idea of romantic photo session with Danya and come vegan cooking at my return. 

As for the Canada comming soon I will do 21.1 in Toronto and some breaking through climbing. 

It will be the great autumn, sure. Looking forward for the next day. Finishing this one with the only meal – best supper ever – meditation with my little brother, affirmations, visualization with my partner and surfing, speaking with mom and diary. 

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