Negative Spirit Voices Oppression


August 29, 2017

9:28 pm

  Things are active tonight as far as dealing with these negative spirit attachments go. It’s not extreme at the moment….but the voices have been chattering away all night and have gained some strength this last hour.

  They’ve been saying a lot of weird things again lately. This morning they were saying something about how the Universe is just a hologram. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t….but I’m not about to buy into that just because they say it.

  I don’t  give credence to anything they say anymore really….today it’s this….yesterday it was that…..tomorrow it will be something else.

  It seems to me that they are always trying to throw out some lure at me to get me to fall into some mindgame trap. They succeeded with this to some degree in the past, but now their mind games simply fall on indifferent ears.


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