Late Day 3..

I’m terrible at this. Day 3 and I’m already doing it late. 


Whatever. So breakfast was blended tea again, found a dinky little blender at work and that will be fantastic. 

Lunch. Swish chard. No. Do not like. Never again. 

Had dinner at my moms since she had the salmon anyways. Baked salmon and a veggie hash. Was supposed to be bell peppers and jicama, but whatever jicama is we couldn’t find it. We had a yellow/orange beet instead. And because we didn’t have enough, I threw avocado in with. Wasn’t terrible. No beet next time. 

Mct mayo is interesting. Not hard to make. Made some good tartar with it though. 

Decent day. Good learnings. NO Swiss chard. Ew. 

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