Sorry I am writing this so late after chemo but you will see why in a minute.  Chemo Tuesday and I had a severe reaction to the premeds.  Was climbing the walls and wanted a hatchet to chop off my arms and legs and beat them with  a stick.  Why people do drugs intentionally I will never understand.  After chemo stopped at the bathroom and well I won’t get too graphic  here but I ended  up on the floor on my knees had to turn around and use the toilet seat to help me get up.  Clean up and cleaned  up the mess I left (yes I do clean up after myself if possible) wash my arms and  hands and attempt to blot up the wetness on my shorts.  We leave and do a few stops before stopping to eat (thank goodness we did this  and you will see why in a minute) it starts to pour down rain to where you  couldn’t see anything.  As we are driving home my son calls and tells us  that the  power is out.  OK well it usually doesn’t last too long.  We get closer to home and cars are flashing their lights at us.  The power lines were down on the road and also were on the guardrail.  So we drive over them having  no other choice..  Get home  call power company to find entire area is out of power.  Now for us no power means no water (we have pumps, no cooking, no lights etc.)  Alas NO BATH.  I was disgusting.  Completely disgusting.  Power outage lasted 28 hours.  No power until the following night at 8pm.  Time for a generator.  Got names  of physical therapists from insurance.  Will take them to doctor at next appointment.  Maybe it will help me with  the weakness I  am experiencing.  Understand now why this  post is so late – no electricity mean no computer.

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