Open Relationship

Why do people have open relationships? I have a good friend who is in an open relationship with someone and she isn’t into any other guys besides him, but as he said, “My needs just are not fulfilled by her. I need more.” I believe she deserves more, but she says she is okay with what she has. It pisses me off that he wants someone else besides her because she’s an amazing person that deserves to have someone to herself. Why does she have to share her love with someone she barely knows? To me, having an open relationship is going against what a marriage is suppose to hold together. If you don’t want to be with one woman, then don’t have a committed relationship. Be single and you can get all the ladies you want. Why drag a female along and only hurt her more, even though she says she’s okay with it, when you want something more? She deserves to have someone that loves and cherishs only her. Ugh! Why does this piss me off so much?

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