Skin Condition Experiments

I am writing this journal to assist in diagnosing my skin condition. I do this for science and to help other people who suffer the same or similar affliction. I am afraid you will probably find little entertainment from these journals. The data and it’s contents are written in the public domain and can be used by any organisation for any use what so ever. If you’re a conservative I still grant you permission to profit from my affliction if you like.

At first it was thought to be psoriasis and now it’s apparently a form of dermatitis. Which form is anybody’s guess right now. It continues to allude the underpaid GPs here in the UK. I’ve even gone into local pharmacies with the false promise that I’d buy the products from them if they could correctly diagnose my condition. Apparently there are some things money can’t buy. I thought the whiff of money would make them prostitute themselves or sell their children in order to find a non-permanent remedy to exploit money out of me. Alas they’ve all failed.

So this evening I have taken it upon myself to conduct a scientific experiment by purposefully changing 1 variable at a time in order to find the cause(s) or trigger(s) of my skin condition. I will not be treating the irritation with anything more than mindfulness or meditation as relaxing techniques as it could mask the test data.

Some variables are outside of my control, stress whether the cause or the symptom for example or why and when it will occur. They will be documented none the less.

The variables we will be testing in this experiment are diet, stress/anxiety, estimated levels of exposure to recreational drugs(alcohol, caffeine, cannabis), heart rate (beats per minute), sleep in hrs, and levels of skin irritation and at what time the irritation occurred

No variable purposefully being tested today.


[7.00] DIET – Crunchy oats from Salisbury’s with strawberry yogurt from Lidl.

[10.00] DRUG – Cannabis high exposure

[13.00] DIET – One generic pepperoni pizza (frozen) from Iceland.

[18.45] DIET – Roast chicken dinner (chicken breast, roast new potatoes, carrots, I don’t recall the green stuff

[20:30] DRUG:CAFFEINE (1 cup of tea)

[21.30] ANXIETY – Fear that I had broken a smartphone by a failed rooting attempt. Don’t worry I was able to recover the phone.

[21.30] OUTBREAK 5/10. 🙁 Tonight outbreak occurred on facial hair regions. It proceeded until around 22:40.

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