[49] ~*Fri – 08/25/17*~

[4:40 pm]

Dang! I already knew I had this morning and evening off as those clients cancelled yesterday but when I got to the office to turn in my paperwork, the girl was on the phone and taking a cancellation which was… for me. So I had 2 hrs to kill but she decided to call my one client of the day to see if he would be okay with going out a little earlier so he went out an hour earlier. That said, I worked from like 1 pm to 2:15 and was paid for a day of 11 hrs. That is so awesome! This is why now I really don’t know if I want to call back the Halfway House for a job or not as I’ve been very spoiled at my current job. I know all these cancellations will slow down as summer is almost over so.. I just don’t know what to do. As I’ve said before, I always wanted to work in correctional but I feel I’m just not ready at this moment to start a new job. I was going to call back today and of course, I haven’t and it’s almost 5 pm so I feel like it’s too late to call. It also kinda sucks cause I’m going on vacation very soon so it’s not really the time to be starting a new job as I do want my vacation. Arg! I should of called though, I am not losing anything by just meeting the guy to see what the job is. I wonder if Mon is too late?! I really hate when I just debate on stuff that should be easily decided. I mean come on, not complicated.. call say you are still interested and schedule an interview. DONE! But nope, I need to sit here and think about it.

Anyways, tomorrow I’m also cancelled in the morning as my client got to work so that means I only work at 3 pm. My first thought, brunch! I’ve been wanting to go for like 2 months now and every time I have a chance, I don’t go. Should I go tomorrow?! Another question.

Since I’m home this evening and didn’t really work today I want to mow the lawn so at least I would of been productive but I don’t know. When you look outside it looks like it’s not too warm but once you’re out there it’s a different story. I was sorta waiting and wanted to go around 6. Now, another debate.. should I first mow the front cause it grew since the last time I had a chance to do it or should I start with the back since it wasn’t done in like 2 months and it’s like a jungle back there. I’m not sure if I’ll have the time or energy (depend how hot it really is) to do both sides so I’m sorta wondering where I should start. My friend told me the back since it was longer so I think I might start there even if the front could use it as well. It’s not too too bad as the neighbor hasn’t done his in ages so even if my front did grow since the last time I did it, it is still not as bad as the neighbor. I just don’t like starting with the back cause it’s easier done than the front so by starting with the front when I take my break I know I have less to do afterward. With starting with the back, when I’ll be taking my break I’ll be thinking that it will be even worse after so it’s kinda no fun. Oh well.. I just need to start somewhere and do something. 

With all this we’re getting closer to 5 and I wanted to either finish my episode that I was watching earlier or start watching Annabelle since I’ve been wanting to watch that as I don’t really remember it and been wondering since we watched the second one. I still have 25 mins left to the show so I think I will just finish that and then maybe go start mowing the lawn before I change my mind.


[8:41 pm]

I’m dead! I finished the episode I was watching then I went and did the back yard. I also went ahead and did between me and the neighbor which he normally does as it’s like 1/4 mine and 3/4 his. It was just too bad looking after I had done my side that I decided to just do the in between up to his house and driveway. I had done half and needed a break. I was sweating like hell so I decided to go lay down in bed with the a/c which I fell asleep and woke up at 7:30. I had went in bed at like 6:10 so I actually slept for like an hour. I then went back out and finished the front and the in between. The neighbor actually came out as I was doing the in between and he was like “look at you go, thank you“. I told him I had too, it looked too bad once I had done my side. I think the middle part took longer than my actual front yard but it was so long that I had to go twice some places. I’m just glad I did it cause it looks way nicer. Now the neighbor just needs to do his side which doesn’t look as bad cause it’s not like one side of my driveway is done and not the other side which was the case before as I had done my front lawn a few weeks ago and he hadn’t done his so my driveway looked horrible cause one side was mowed and not the other. I just hope he didn’t take it as an insult cause I don’t blame him for not mowing his lawn. He works and it’s been super hot so it’s hard to find a time to actually do it. He said he was going to do it tonight but then had a call and couldn’t.

So yea.. when I got back inside I was just too hot I had to take a cold shower. It didn’t cool me down that much as I was still sweating once I got out and dried myself up. It’s horrible! Mowing the lawn is quite a workout. I’m done! Hub didn’t clean the suggies kitchen before work and said he would do it tonight which he always says and I end up doing it but I can tell ya, I’m not touching it tonight. I’m capoute!

Oh yea, while I was mowing the back yard my cousin’s wife yelled at me to let me know that the cat had found his way home the same night he fell off the tree at like 9 pm. I asked her if they had taken him to the vet since he had a very bad fall and she said no that they checked him and he seemed fine. I was glad to hear that the cat went home right away. It was already one thing to know he was in the tree for a few days, to make him fall and have him take off. At least in the tree they knew where he was, once he took off they didn’t know and he could of been hurt. Thankfully he’s home now.

Now I’m going to sit here and watch Annabelle.


[10:31 pm]

I just finished watching Annabelle and glad I did as it was a good movie. I didn’t really recall what it was but of course it was coming back to me once I was watching it. To be honest, I think the first one was way better than the second one. I wish I would of seen this one with my friend. Bouhaha! I do remember that a girl that works with hub had came with us to see it and a few more people but this one girl was so scared she was sitting on the floor crying and actually ran out the theater. It was awesome! I wish I could get that scared when I watch a “scary” movie. They never scare me and I rarely jump which is kinda boring.

Anyways, I thought it was later than it is. The day been dragging on it seems. I even had a nap of like an hour and I feel like it should be later than it is. I kinda want to take a bath but I feel too lazy to do so. I did take a shower earlier but I need to shave those legs of mine if I want to wear shorts. I guess I’ll be wearing jeans or a skirt tomorrow. I still want to go to the brunch. I was going to ask my friend if she wanted to go but didn’t just in case I decide to sleep in as I always do. I will try my hardest to get up but with my luck, I will get up and she will be doing something else like last weekend. I had woken up earlier to go to brunch but she was at her daughter’s and didn’t have a key so she couldn’t leave the house so no brunch. Bleh!

Well, I guess I shall watch another episode of Orange Is The New Black since it’s only 10:30 and I feel it’s too early to go to bed. I know that even if I go to bed now I won’t be sleeping but reading but I still feel like it’s too early since I can sleep in tomorrow. 




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