We ask for help when we need something from someone else, no matter whether what we need is physical or emotional. But what if you get help from someone when you do not even ask?

A few days ago, I went home from school with more than 8 kg of books inside my backpack. It was terribly heavy that my back ached after five minutes of walking. Hence, I decided that instead of having my backpack on my back, I just carried it in front. People were staring at me in perplexity, wondering who on earth had taught me to carry a backpack not on the back, but in front, almost like hugging it. I just bore with all those eyes staring at me and kept on tottering like a two-year-old trying to walk.

I could already spot the boarding school’s gate when I heard someone calling me.

“Girl, do you need any help?”

It was a mid-forties woman in her Mercedes Benz. I was taken aback. What had driven her to offer me a help? Was it that obvious that I was struggling? I knew that my face probably looked like a sumo wrestler when hugging that awfully heavy backpack. But I did not know that someone would be caring enough to help.

I refused the offer politely. Not only was I reluctant to trouble her, I was also only 80 meters away anyway. I continued walking but more steadily. That offer of help had lightened the burden quite significantly. 

It feels great to receive a help right after asking for it. It feels much greater to receive it without even asking.



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