computers have languages ??? 😂

After the challenges I faced yesterday that turned into successes, I’m back the next day ready to dive into chapter 3.0 – 3.4 of Paul Ford’s ‘What is Code’. 

Upon first reading the title ‘Why Are Programmers So Intense About Languages?’, I kind of had a freak out – I remember being in year 10 and trying to learn Indonesian and I ended up failing the class, there is no way I was good at learning languages. 

I know that Python is a form of a computer language and as I further read on I learnt so is Java, C and C++. Completely bamboozled at how these programs could be languages I put that thought to the back of my mind and kept reading. Ford (2015) goes into talking about how there is a thing called the ‘standard library for a language’, as confusing as that sounds reading on I discovered that coders use these library’s to gather resources and information so they don’t have to develop code from scratch. These libraries also contain a lot of different functions that can be used to incorporate into coding.

Following on I learnt that the languages are specific for doing certain things. I think I realised that computer languages are to be understood just not by humans but by computers, so the reason I am confused by it all at the moment is because I’m not used to it and it’s something that I wouldn’t have been familiarised with either.

 Moving on I learnt about ‘C’ and the importance of this old but extremely relevant language. C is used for building systems and I realised that James said something in the third lecture about how C is an example for the same role latin does for language (building block of languages) C is the building block for many other programs and C can help you build the basis for another language.

Lastly I learnt about Object-oriented programming and how it is used as a filing system for code and you can put boxes for different groups when it comes to coding. There are no standard limitations and the coder has admission to consolidate the data however that coder may choose.

That’s a lot of theoretical learning for today! Next time I will put all my new found knowledge into action and hopefully watch and read some online tutorials and get cracking with the physical aspect! 

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