Day 544 & 545 – School inscription & only one more day of tolerating

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017

Today was a 5/8 day of work. I had to leave early for my school inscription. It did not take long (like, six steps into the school) for Kohai to find me and to tackle me with a hug and give me chocolate, haha (she has to stop giving me chocolate, she was even gonna give it to me at her birthday party where she gets the gifts. Stahp, you’re too nice). There was also her friend group there and one of them leaned on my shoulder and asked me what’s up. I didn’t expect that so I stuttered and said “G-good, yoUuu?” (drop at the end of the u to silence as she walked away… Good going, Bystander). But my scheduled changed as expected, but only to the art teacher that I do not like. Oh well, not a big deal, only the classes that are incorrect. So I go to the student services and they say they will call me within the first 3 days of school to change it, and just follow my schedule as it is for now. I asked if I could change my locker, since they put me in a portable when all my classes are in the main building, but apparently I have to wait a month, and I was told to say I don’t have any classes in the portable, and that I’m gonna graduate, since as one, you can get away with more, haha. But instead of a month, only gonna wait a couple of weeks. Worst thing they can say is to wait a bit longer, as my mom said (she was with me). Also, there’s a new system where you don’t bring your lock, but they put one themselves and give you the code? I guess that’s for security so they could have access to the lockers, but if it’s seriously that big of a deal to open one, just break the student’s lock… I don’t feel any more secure, cause anyone who has access to the code files has access to my locker. I don’t have anything of importance in there, but it’s still my stuff. It also makes the whole thing harder on them since they have to keep the lock with the student, so if they change lockers, they have to change the lock’s location and everything instead of just the student, in their system. Seems counter productive to me.

At home I just played a bunch of Club Penguin, getting stamps. Later watched Supernatural as usual.

Thursday, August 24th 2017

Well, I was feeling this day. I thought it was gonna be good, that my partner wouldn’t make me mad for the week, since he hasn’t the past three days, but nope. We were discussing which machines we thought to be easy. I said I thought one was also easy, and he said he thought ours was the only easy/easiest one. I then started to say why I thought the other was also easy, until he said “Well, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Um, excuse me? I freaking do. I worked on the machine. Then I began to state that I thought the machine was easier, cause you can literally take a chair and sit down to work on it (he kinda let out a chuckle of “oh, you’re right, crap”), but then he kept cutting me off by saying “It’s okay to be wrong, you know.” I was so pissed. He then said “I’m not here to argue.” When HE was the one arguing in the first place, disagreeing first and trying to make a point. I complained to some coworkers later as he had to leave quickly since a pipe broke at his house or whatever, and apparently the “You know it’s alright to be wrong, right?” is one of his favourite lines, right next to the “I have been working here for 32orwhatever years” as an “I’m right cause I have more experience, so shut up” line, which I heard all too many times. On top, the person I was working with temporarily said something that made me realise something else. He said it’s hard for supervisors to find the guy a partner, since no one really likes him either (apparently other people blew up on him the other day while he was working with them). And then I was thinking about how the supervisors want me to stay at the machine. That’s when I realised they want me to stay there, and to not move me to another one, because I haven’t complained about him yet. If I was working for much longer, I would’ve, but since I have only one day tomorrow, I only have to go through that and not deal with him anymore.

By the way, someone literally patted me on the back for consolation when my work partner came back. That is saying something.

At home I played Club Penguin, talked with my new friend from the other day, drawed for my portfolio and watched an episode of Supernatural.

That’s all for today.

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