Friday of Hell

It’s already Friday, but I have to wait until later to do anything. I work until 7 then drive 2 hours back to my house and sleep all day. It fucking kills me because I have shit to do all day on Friday but if I’m sleeping, nothing gets done. I plan on going to Oregon on Saturday to visit some family and stay there for the night. I’m bringing my new bestfriend along because the drives does get long and boring and she’ll keep me awake. I can’t wait until I aunt and cousins. Its been too long and the last time I seen them, they were all on drugs and I was worried that they were going to do something stupid. Now that I have my own car, I can do what I want and stay as long as I want. I’m seriously worried about them though and that’s why I’m going. I just hope I have everything prepared before I leave. I don’t want to forget anything. I also have to wait and see if I get my paycheck on Saturday morning. If not, then I’m not going. It sucks but that’s how life is. I wonder what type of restaurants will be there.


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  1. Look up some of the local food reviews in the area. Sometimes the holes in the wall have the best food.

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