getting used to walking.

On Wednesday, I walked to school in the afternoon, thinking that there were volunteer opportunities. When I got there, I found my old physics teacher, and she directed me to the NHS sponsor, who just redirected me back to my own teacher to see if she needed any help setting things up in her classroom.

At first, my teacher said I could help her hang up posters (the ones we’d done for our finals last year) in her classroom. She got out some hot glue guns, but it was really awkward trying to figure out where I should space them all, so then she just asked if I would be willing to clean out a filing cabinet. She led me to another room, and then showed me how I should just empty out all four drawers of this metal cabinet filled with old science-teacher notes. It took me a bit more than an hour to do that since I separated the reusable folders out and took off the various clips on the papers (which just felt like the right thing to do since I felt bad throwing paper clips in a recycle bin for paper). By the time I was done, the cabinet was empty, the cafeteria-sized bin was completely filled with papers, and the closest table was covered with a small pile of assorted paper clips and stacked folders.

I went to find my teacher, but she wasn’t there, so I just walked about school looking for my new classrooms. I found them all easily enough. Now I can map out my entire day in my head (except for lunch–I don’t know if I’ll have A, B, or C lunch).

I found my teacher after that, and I was going to start using the hot glue to put the posters up, but it didn’t work since the glue dried before I could put the posters to the wall. So she just let me leave after that. But I got volunteer hours, which is awesome.

Yesterday I had to walk to school yet again so I could attend that club leadership meeting. I found out where the engineering room was, and then walked around putting up club flyers with JW and his friend JR. It worked okay, but later when the other guys went around to put up more, they got yelled at for not using the right kind of tape, even though they hadn’t been told what kind of tape they could use in the first place. So they had to go around changing the tape. It was kind of cool, though. I found out that our school has a whole engineering workshop, which I wasn’t aware of before. I also realized where our school’s horticulture and media tech classes are: in a tiny hall that’s really far from anything else.

My legs are sore from walking. I’m really out of shape. And tomorrow morning I have to walk again–to take my SAT. The bad thing is, it’ll probably/definitely be raining then, because of the hurricane that’s going to hit southeastern Texas. Sigh. And, of course, school starts this Monday, and my birthday comes after that on the 29th.

I’m actually looking forward to school. I have great classes, after all. I do kind of feel sad that I won’t have the same physics teacher; she tried to convince me to change to Physics C yesterday. But our counselors are really overworked right now, and I would feel kind of bad asking mine to change my schedule AGAIN when she’s so busy right now, so. Plus, I already had to change one of my classes, and I don’t really feel like changing anymore. I’ll just have to visit her a lot this year in my free time :’-)

Also, my old English teacher got new couches. One of them is fine, but the other one (which replaced the squishy one I used to sit on) is black faux-leather and it doesn’t fit his room’s color scheme at all.

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  1. I love walking! I’m pretty sure u get used to it soon and get to enjoy it more 😉

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