Yesterday the best but today the worst?

Isn’t it stupid how few people first call you their best achievement and later say that you have been their worst mistake? Was that the reason why they once said that you’re their love so that one day randomly they call you their mistake and end ‘Everything’ ? Whenever they need you they come and when done they go as if you’re an object they own and have the whole right to use it as they wish becoz it’s ‘their’. They give those stupid reasons just to prove you wrong and you ? You simply believe them and then your journey of finding faults in yourself begins. All day long you just think that what you did wrong? Why you lost such a nice person from your life? Like why it happens to you everytime? And miss the fact that if they actually cared about you, actually wanted you or loved you they would have never left .They would have kept their promises. They would’ve stayed and loved you forever and ever. They would’ve never done anything wrong to make you sad and at times would have even sacrificed their happiness just to see yours because they are equal to them or maybe yours a little more precious. If they can live without you now then you shouldn’t be needing them. You can’t waste your tears or miss all those moments you can live just for someone who’ll never care about you again and if they ever come back telling you that they have realised your importance then just let them know it’s too late to have you back. Not everyone are wrong but all the decisions are taken by us and we are responsible for them. Many people are gonna break you before you get the true and permanent people for your life . You just need be strong enough to leave each one of them if they aren’t willing to stay. When people are wrong then they simply are! you can’t be blind and give them the 100th chance they are asking for so that they can destroy you again. Give them the power to make you happy but no more to destroy you .                             -by ✌ 

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