[50.1] ~*Sat – 08/26/17*~

[7:51 pm]

I sorta calmed down and I’m not as pissed as I was this morning. My client did use his card but I don’t know. I got thinking and maybe I should let him use it as okay, I am losing 400-500 points a month on my card BUT I am now making $60 more a month with him. When he lost his hour, he called to get it back and he got an extra one which we didn’t really need but hey, a free hour is fine with me. So we used to have 4 hrs on Sat but now we have 5 which he rarely will take so it’s a free hour for me. That said, maybe I should just let it go and not say anything about the movie points as I am getting extra money from him now. I guess that sorta works out. I rather get the money than the movie points if I look at it this way.

So we did see The Hitman’s Bodyguard and it was really good. I talked to mom and told her that if she wanted to go see a movie tomorrow to go see that one and we could go see Kidnap when I go there on Tue. She also scared the hell out of me. I know she’s working tonight and she called me from her cellphone so right away I panicked. I was like “oh no, something happened to my brother and she’s going to town so she’s calling me from her cellphone”. My brother is not all that well so of course when she calls I sometime panic just like I used to do when my dad was alive. Anyways, she had called cause she wanted me to go to Costco to get something for someone that she works with. Blah! I can’t go tonight as it’s already closed and tomorrow I work all day so I won’t be able to go unless I ask hub to go but he doesn’t really know what she wants. I told her I could go Mon after work. I don’t think the item will be sold out from here to Mon so it should be fine. 

That’s pretty much it since the last time I wrote this afternoon. I had emailed my friend and just called her again but she’s still not home. I wonder where she went. I left a message for the cat this time. Haha!

So yea.. I’m waiting for hub to get home and make some food. When I talked to him earlier I asked him to make some spaghetti when he gets home cause that’s what he did last night and now I’m craving it. I went to the store and bought some hamburg which I did really good cause I didn’t buy anything extra, just some pop. I’m proud of myself cause lately when I go to the grocery store for one thing I come out with a bill of at least $50. I kinda cheated though. My client wanted to go to KFC after the movie so we went. I wasn’t going to take anything but I was a little hungry so I did take something. I just don’t like to sit there and wait for him to eat while I don’t do anything, it’s kinda awkward so I took a $5 meal.


[8:53 pm]

That husband of mine doesn’t know how to listen. I had texted him that I wanted spaghetti when he got home and that I would go to the grocery store to get some hamburg. He did the food and brought me a plate of spaghetti with wieners in it. That is not what I wanted. Arg! So now he’s cooking the darn hamburg. I hate how he doesn’t really read my text and just reads half or what ever. Now I need to take those wieners out of my spaghetti. Blah! Now I will start to be pissed off again. I guess I was just meant to be pissed today.




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