[50] ~*Sat – 08/26/17*~

[1:17 pm]

I’m in a pissed off mood right now. I woke up around 12:45 cause I wanted to go to brunch. I could of probably got out of bed earlier but I didn’t want to cause I had a feeling my legs were going to be in pain cause of me mowing the lawn yesterday. I forgot to take pills before bed. I finally got out of bed, called my friend AND she’s not home. Arg! I wanted to warn her yesterday in case I wanted to go today but I figured that if I did I would end up staying in bed. So no brunch for me, once again. I guess I should take it as me saving $25 but still, I’ve been wanting to go for so long and I’ve had many chances this summer and never once went.

Oh well.. after that I went upstairs and looked at the sink which is full of dishes cause hub made himself something to eat when he got home from work last night. It’s not the dishes itself that pisses me off but the fact that he never cleans up after himself. The stove was full of sauce splashes and the side of the sink. He cooks but never look afterward if he made a mess. He puts his dishes in the sink and that’s it. The other night he made a stain on the counter. It was when he made me some soup when I was sick. He poured the soup in the bowl but never looked if he dropped any and the next morning I woke up to a very big yellow stain on the counter. Arg! I just wish he could pay attention and clean up when he cooks. 

I don’t know, I’m just really not in a good mood right now. It’s almost 1:30 and I work at 3 and that is also just pissing me off. I have no clue which movie we’re going to see as I haven’t talked to my client since he was away. The office called him and asked him when he wanted to be picked up. I guess I could check the website and try to figure out which one starts at 4:20 as it’s the time the girl said the movie started. I’m scared to see which one it is cause I really don’t feel like going to a movie I don’t want to see. And that’s another thing, we’re going to the movie almost an hour and a half before it starts. That’s a long ass time to wait for a movie. I guess I shouldn’t complain since I’m paid. Like I said, I’m just in a pissed off mood right now. 

Well I just checked the website and it’s probably The Hitman’s Bodyguard that we’re going to see which is good cause I want to see it. Although I was thinking of seeing it with mom next week. Oh well.. she wants to see Kidnap as well so I’ll tell her to keep that one for us. But now another thing I get pissed off about, we used to use my card for points all the time at the movie which worked with me cause technically I shouldn’t have to pay for my movie as I’m going with a client but I had told my client’s mom that I didn’t mind paying half of his ticket to help out. That said, I didn’t mind cause I was making points for free movie or snack so that worked with me. Now, he has his mother’s card and has been using it ALL THE TIME which is starting to piss me off cause I sometime will pay to see a movie I really don’t want to see and don’t get any points so it’s annoying. At first he would make it half and half which was okay but now.. I want to tell him okay here’s the deal, I don’t mind you using the card to bank up some points once in a while but I’d want to also use mine since I pay with you. I’m not sure how he’d take it so it’s why I haven’t said anything yet. I will wait a little to see if he does let me use mine and if not, I’ll have to tell him something cause to me it’s not right. I know I was the one getting all the points before but like I just said, I think I have the right to get the points as I’m paying half his way in the movie all the time when I shouldn’t even pay a cent.

Anyways, I should go and watch a show or something before I get myself really worked up and get in a very bad mood. I hope this goes away before I have to go to work.




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