Firelily, I’d be grateful for your prayers. Thank you so much.  Can I be praying anything for you?  Any special needs I could pray for? R.D. I pray for you and Harry a lot.  I feel a kinship with you.  And I know life is hard so much of the time.  Then your baby giggles and the sun comes out.  Right?  To all:  I have heard that the one thing –the only thing—we will regret when we get to Heaven is that we didn’t pray more.  Prayer changes things, and keeps our hearts close to God.  Anybody reading this, if you have a prayer need I will be glad to pray for you.  Let me know.  We are all brothers and sisters, regardless of age or history.  With love, Lynn

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  1. I haven’t been online for quite a while now, with all the surgeries we’re performing at the moment. Thank you for thinking of me, but I am fine I guess. As long as my children are healthy I am grateful and don’t ask for anything.

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