The Golden Time

One morning, you’re awake from your sleep and wishing to go back to the place full of happiness, with no problem that adult world cause you to lose your smile. Everything seems fine, until one day. And the days later.

Simple joy that can be found everyday is between 4 to 5 pm, the Golden Hour. In the afternoon, when sun is ready to set and say goodbye after working for the day. It’s the most beautiful view of the day. When you look up the colour of the sky before sunset: purplish, orange and slight blue. The kind of colour that calm me the most. I wish I could live at that time only and forget about everything that happen earlier.

The Golden Hour is indeed a golden time. The ray of sunshine that hits the trees or buildings make an interesting yet majestic shadow play. Wish I could hide under those shadows, hide from my pain, my responsibilities and hide from the cruel world I live in. And yet, God not stopping my happiness after the sunset.

Sky begin to dark, and the stars shine one by one until it fill the night sky. Another time to enjoy and be grateful. One man said, the stars that shine the brightest is a planet. Those stars that I look up so much. Either it’s a star, mars or even venus, everything is beautiful. And let’s not forget the one and only Moon that we have.

We always see the same side of the moon, bright circle with craters. Yet I want to see the dark side of the moon if I could. What it hides, a mystery.

Those times of the day are the best. It makes you happy effortlessly, as simple as enjoying the view.

Playing with the sun to make a shadow and look up to the sky to count the stars or simply starring at the moon, is The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.

Just let me forget my pain for a while. The happiness that has been taken away from me. The happiness of youth that once was mine that adult world won’t let me have it.

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