The Rise Of Draven

On October 31, 986 in Breton (now England), a nun by the name of Sister Mary Emmanuel found a young girl in the midst of Stonehenge with a note that said, “This little girl named Brittany just turned three today this year but I am ill and unable to care for her.  Please be the parent of this child.”. There was no name as a signature, and Sister Emmanuel took her in her name by adopting the child with the Mother Superior’s permission, naming her “Fiona Mew” being from Ireland.  Her first name means “wine” because she was redheaded and her last name means “cat” because of her eyes.

On her seventh birthday, the Mother Superior gave her a blank book to write down her fantasies so as to prepare for marriage at age 13. Although she never read the Bible, she wrote down its essence, the Twin Pillars of Chastity and Charity, the Triad of Mind, Body and Spirit and the Fivefold Law of Rapture, not to mention the Rainbow Chakras.  She even drew the Draco on the cover of the book.

When Pope Sylvester II read of the book April 1, 996, he announced that Fiona Mew  founded a religion into which was called Draven (Gaelic, “fantasy”) after the Celtic prophecy that a new universal religion will arise based not on creeds, doctrines or other social divisions but mutual fellowship and brotherhood — a New Age.  During the Crusades, She was deplicted as both a cosmic energy and a solid figure burning with fire of spirit.  She journeyed throughout the lands of Eurasia, preaching childhood rights and condemning childhood marriage.  She became God December 24, 1100, at age 117 and was given freedom to roam the Earth.  Adherents are Ren, which in turn means “angel,” as they are of service and Ariel is the Spirit of Creation and the Creator thereof, into which the powers of God was given to Fiona as a gift from God.  The religion is pantheistic, meaning that the Supreme Being is both the impersonal life force and personal Deity.  The scripture is also the Aquarian Gospel, a book of the Sacred Laws similar to the Bible, into which the Seven Postulates apply.  The house of worship is called a pendragon (Welsh, “chief standard”)The musical genre is New Age, Gaelic for “eternity.”  Its symbol is the Draco (Latin, “dragon”) into which stands for the wisdom of the dragons.  Today, it is the third-largest religion in the world.  It is believed that we go through rebirth by sin and carrying chains of sin and we must be raptured in order to end the cycle of rebirth and the chains fall off.  This could apply Draven the Fivefold Law, as follows:

(1) Atone for all your past-life sins.

(2) Embrace the Spirit of Creation.

(3) Inspire those who believe.

(4) Obey the Sacred Laws.

(5) Understand the mysteries of Life.

There are four holy months celebrated in the Draven calendar: Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain.  Halloween is the last day of Samhain, the holy month of fasting to honor the birth of Fiona.  Draven has very strong taboos.  Sex, porn, alcohol, tobacco and gambling are forbidden because of the Pillar of Chastity. Engaging in such worldly pleasures and material possessions is the equivalent of sin and thus rebirth.  Lamb is eschewed because it is sacred.

Draven is ruled by Pendragon, a council of 13 elders selected once a year and gather in Stonehenge April 1 to where they discuss current issues.  The Pendragon of 1988 banned smoking and adult entertainment.  It was deemed the Pendragon of 2004 amended the song “Carrie” as the devotional of Draven by Raven Lee Stahlnecker featuring Europe.  Maitreya is the insane seraph of Hades being evil against evil far worse than Satan.  New Age music remains intact.

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