[51] ~*Sun – 08/27/17*~

[9:09 am]

Tired.. so very tired. I’m annoyed of always being tired in the morning. Hub came to bed at, I don’t know what time, I restrained myself from looking at the time but it must have been around 5:30 or so cause it was still dark. I then woke up and had to go to the bathroom so I did look at the time then which it was 6:50. That meant I had 2 hrs to sleep but once I look at the time, I’m screwed as I keep looking at the time so I just get more tired. Arg! Damn time!

Anyways, I hope my day goes fast. I can’t believe in a week I’ll be on vacation. A very much needed one. That’s why I don’t really want to do too much, I want to just relax and gain some energy back. I really want to go camping thought as it’s what we’ve been doing for a few years. I still haven’t booked. I also just realized that I had told the manager at the store that I would close tomorrow night so I work from 7-9:30. I had totally forgotten about it but would of seen it once I got to the store. That said, I won’t have much time to go to Costco to get what my mom wants and go to the Casino to play our money. I guess we could always go to the Casino after I’m done work but it’s late and I’m not sure my friend would even bother going at that time. I hope my last client cancels so then I’d have more time in between. I guess we shall see tomorrow.

I need to get my ass to work and I really don’t want too. Maybe I do need to apply at that Halfway House. Maybe I could finally quit the store. Who knows! I’ll have to call back tomorrow. I was checking my voicemail yesterday and realized the guy’s voicemail is gone so I’m not too sure what number to reach him. I do have the House number from where he call me so I guess I’ll try that number.

Alright, alright.. work here I come!




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