Day 3

 Писать отчёты буду вчерашним днём, то есть сегодняшняя писанина – за третий – вчерашний день. Мне нравится эта идея – писать не на эмоциях, сердцем, но всеми тремя центрами – поскольку и физические, и моральные впечатления уже устоялись. Но это сложно. Этому надо учиться. Начну сейчас.  

I’m also thinking about writing mix massages – Russian + English. Though, I think it will all just turn out to be English as soon as I’m in Canada. 

Yesterday was great. The feeling of happiness started at 7:20, when I finally was able to wake myself up after 4:00 return from Kandy. And, once again, I was happy to receive this experience with Sergey. Thank you 🙏

Morning – pure and fresh. I felt myself free and lost in the sea the moment we started on the boat. As always, I set on the nose, feeling the 💦 on my body and face. The journey was 40km, but fast. And there, on the Vella. I was lucky to find David – my French instructor, the best I had and the first, who made me jump. I was nervous, but the trust in him and his perfect back up made my first jump successful. I was happy. The beach start was twice really high and strong. I was able to keep on going. I felt the kite like never before. And I could feel the team – I’m not saying my team – on the same spot doing kiting with me. Stronger together. And braver. All of them were able to start. And that is much more important that my first jump. 

Это открытие. Я никогда не испытывала кайтинг так, никогда так его не переживала. На одном дыхании. Слившись с природой. Смело, настойчиво, решительно, бесстрашно. Я оставила страхи позади – на склонах туманной Эллы. Теперь они отпустили меня гораздо, гораздо больше. 

Today was also important for three things. First, my meditation (if u could call it like that) on the boat nose. The best one. The strongest. At least in terms of affirmations. 

Second, little good bye to the team. It was worm. The wormest I ever see. I’ve never seen guys saying thanks and good bye to Vlad like that. Never. Is that because I do add sincerely? Or because I really pushed into personal relationship? Does not metter. It was very intimate and important goodbye for me. 

Third, the “Vlad issue” décision. And here should I say about the way Sergey and me made up our minds on the topic of scooter travelling? We just did it. Without planning and a thought. And it turned out to be ok. So here, the same: I will leave him in Amsterdam at 26th. Then I’ll have my personal plans. Till then, he is my friend, but not the close one. He will work on his personal soul lesson, I will work on mine. Keep in tough – but no more. It’s nothing I can be helpful here on the personal level. 

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