Seldomly do I ever seek to talk to people from high school, but my friend (who we will call K) and I have always kept in touch, even if not often.  I miss them terribly.  They are living a life I wish I had.  If I could, I would pack up all of my stuff tomorrow and move out there.  I always wanted to live in their city, since I was little, but I could never afford to.  I hope that changes one day.  My SO isn’t really that interested in leaving this state, but I understand why.  He said though that as long as we have a concrete plan, he is okay with it.  

I figured at this age that I would already be out there, but I guess not.  Despite what people say about it, at least people out there are honest when they are sick of you.  Unlike here, where they string you along in case you need something.  

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