7th: Making Ends Meet

This summer I’ve started my first limited full-time job contract. I’ve worked before, but it was always part-time because of college. So I use my free time this holiday to try doing a full-time job even if it’s only a month and a half.

I really in a dire need of money. Of course, I could ask my parents for it, and they would probably help me, but they are not rich either. So even if they do help me, it will be difficult for them. I’m moving out of my parent’s home also means that I should be able to provide for myself. Granted, I am still studying. But there are plenty of students with similar situations like me. So I have nothing to complain. At least now that I am working full-time–even though it’s only during summer–I could earn more than usual and would be able to save for later.

It’s just that, now that I am in this kind of situation, I could understand what the term “to make ends meet” means. I’ve known of it before and know of its meaning, but didn’t really understand it. Trying to work so that the money I have could keep afloat until the next paycheck. It is really not easy. Plenty of people have it worse than me.

I guess my situation, no matter how bad it seems, it’s still good that I could learn something from it. I really respect people who endure their hardship and coming out stronger than ever. I wish I could be like that too. That at the end of this–whatever this is I’m going through–I would become a better version of me.

Making my parents proud of me, stop just dreaming and start realizing my dream–well, I am in the process of doing just that. Someday I wish I could look back and say to myself, “you made it.”. It seems so far away though. 

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  1. Hi, it sounds like you’ve got the right mix of determination and positive attitude that I’m sure you will make it through whatever you put your mind too ..

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