Alpha Camp Learning Journal Wk2

1. Objective: What did you do this week?
– Learn about purpose and theories of landing pages development.
– Created own profile landing pages, as well as AB test site for a Mars travel pass.

2. Reflective: How did you feel this week?
There are more hands-on practice into real digital site development. I get to know more about what kind of messages, contents layout, visuals and even branding could affect the bounce rates, impressions, click-through, lead gen etc. The week’s class has fruitful as we are the site developers and contents creator. When we do the AB test and put 2 site on comparison, it will really make me think if I am heading in the wrong direction in reaching out to my target audience.

3. Interpretive: What did you learn this week?  Any reflection, questions and problems.
Due to work commitment (business trips and work projects), I feel I did not enough time to handle the assignments from 2nd lesson onward. Time has really need to be planned out carefully, with lesser personal/family time for the time being.

4. Decisional: What are you going to do next week?
I will try to clear up all assignments and reschedule all my time and allocate more time for assignments. (But schedule might go chaos again when my business trips start popping up again… -_-“) Got to keep it up! Fight fight fight!

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