August Bank Holiday

Today marks the end of a glorious bank holiday weekend doubled with the fact I had Friday off work as well, so extra long weekend for me and much needed really .. I’ve been feeling emotionally drained and I’m not sure where those feelings are coming from .. maybe from a recent team meeting where I found out due to re-structural changes our team leader’s role has been phased out so she will no longer be part of our team .. personally she has been a motivational inspiration for me in the work place, I have learnt more from her than any of the other managers and she has encouraged and supported me throughout the time we have worked together. She was the one who nominated me to do the course I am doing and after the meeting was over, told me she would still like to mentor me. She encouraged me to apply for another role in a different service closer to my home which I’ve now done and then informed me she will be the new team leader at this service so fingers crossed the job will be mine, its time for a change.

The course work is still taking up the majority of my free time which is one of the reasons I haven’t been writing entries for my journal .. but I am writing a journal .. as part of my coursework, we have to write a weekly work journal, just something else to add to my limited free time and I’m struggling to keep up with it all. 

Socially, I have balanced some time out for drinks after work and weekends spent with family or friends on shopping trips and lunch dates but thats about it.

My friend told me I have become more sensible than her, but not as sensible as my son who asked me two weeks ago what I was doing for Christmas and now I know .. Sheesh I’ve only just spent the vouchers he bought me nearly two Christmases ago.

G is still staying in touch with me .. everytime I think .. this is it, I won’t hear from him again, up pops a text after a three week break. I asked him what his intentions were and he was like oh we get on and have a laugh so I told him I wanted more (not sure what exactly but more than a few random texts and the odd night out) which he conveniently ignored until three weeks had gone by and hes suddenly asking how I am like the whole last text isn’t written on his phone. I am none the wiser other than yes I agree, we do get on and he makes me happy but emotionally I don’t want to get to involved when I don’t know what his intentions are.

Time will tell if changes are on the horizon.

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