Day 546, 547 & 548 – Last day of work & ups and downs

Yeah, I know, three days in one entry. One I missed cause I couldn’t connect to the website, another I was too tired to write down and then there’s today.

Friday, August 25th 2017

Today was my last day of work. It went by soooo slowly, but it was pleasant. But of all days, I had to be late on my last one, haha. There was an accident, so I was stuck in traffic. Although, I only arrived 12ish minutes late, which isn’t too bad.

My work partner didn’t anger me one bit, and he was pretty funny and nice today; I even said it was a pleasure working with him at the end of the day, because despite our differences, he taught me a lot, and he could’ve been much worse.

People came up to me now and then to wish me a good year at school and saying it was nice to have met and worked with me. I said it was nice to have worked with them as well.

At lunch, the other girl brought double chocolate chip vegan cookies, and they’re really good. She gave me a bag and the recipe. Later on break, the guy I eat lunch with gave us chocolate, mine a mix of milk, white and dark Lindt. He’s so sweet. I’m gonna miss him, since he’s a really nice guy.

At the end of the day, I gave my final goodbyes (one of them didn’t know it was my last day, so he said he’s gonna annoy me more next summer for that haha), and gave my ID/pass back. They thanked me for my service and I welcomed them, then I went to wait for my mom, but the guy I eat lunch with came to see me again. We said our goodbyes and I told him to not tell the others that he’s my favourite, so he said he wouldn’t and keep that dear to his heart. When my mom arrived, I almost forgot the bag of chocolate he gave me, so I ran back to the picnic table I always wait at to get them.

At home my brother and dad prepared to leave since they’re gonna go camping for the weekend. After saying bye to them, I played Club Penguin, ate, played some more then watched an episode of Supernatural with my mom.

Saturday, August 26th 2017

Today was definitely a lazy day. I went out on my driving lesson though and I didn’t do as great I believe. Just gotta practice though, can’t expect to be perfect all the time.

Later on I played with staff, since it was staff game night, and at some point I had to feed the dog and cat, since my family were out, but I didn’t know how much to give the dog. After many texts and calling, I only made the dog wait 15 mins so I knew how much to give him.

Sunday, August 27th 2017

I made a mistake. I decided not to go to church. I wanted to do a study on my own, and I found an article that I really like, because of that decision, and was also able to help my dad and brother a bit with unpacking the cooler from the camping trip, but I also missed an old friend and teacher of mine at church. She was the one that moved away, and that her son I dated. Upon realizing I missed her, and how it was the second time she was visiting when I decided not to go to church, I bawled. I miss her so much. When she left, the youth group didn’t feel the same without her, so I left it. Church didn’t feel the same either for a while. Eventually, by the time I was near my acceptance of the situation, my mom came up to see me crying, probably cause my brother saw and told my mom, but I’ve never been one to open up to people. I wanted to open up to her this time though. But she gave me advice, and in a situation like that, I’m not looking for advice, but consolation. I already know what to do in a situation like that, since by the time I decide to open up, and I can only open up if someone finds me crying, I don’t look for them, so it takes a lot of time, I had that time to really think about the situation and how to deal with it, but even if you know a solution, you still grieve about what you lost. So in that situation I just need consolation. I told her later though. Even if I did receive the consolation she gave me afterwards through hugging, I didn’t feel any better. I don’t know why I’m like that. I’m super empathetic and want to comfort anyone and give them advice, but become irritated if someone gives it to me in return.

Anyway, I spent time working on my portfolio, and I felt pretty good about it. I recently started watching Boku No Hero Academia, and the protagonist gave me motivation to work on it. Despite not having what everyone else had, and his goal being seemingly impossible for him, he still worked hard towards it. Later on during the day though, after some more Club Penguin and Supernatural, I became discouraged. I quickly pulled myself back out though and said I just have to keep practicing and I’ll get it right.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Lindt chocolate is THE best! On another subject, I have known several people who are very sensitive and good at comforting others but can’t let others reciprocate. I don’t know the reason. There’s just a wall up, or seems to be. It is good to work on letting this wall down a little at a time. We need this ability, in order to fully appreciate what Jesus did for us and let Him comfort us in Life. Definitely need consolation from the Lord often. Don’t you think? Blessings to you!

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